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You Need To Book A Massage!

A Fee-nomenal Experience

Fee-nomenal Therapeutic Massage is devoted to providing quality, ethical and therapeutic massage services to everyone. Whether you need a 30 minute pick me up massage all the way up to a 90 minute unwind massage, we are here to serve. We believe that massage is essential to self-care and we would love to take this journey with you.


We've expanded our reach to serve the working moms, dads, college students, business owners, and more, from the Eastside all the way to the Southside. 

We look forward to rendering you a Fee-nomenal Experience at either location.

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Eastside Location:


Southside Location:

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Meet The Owner

Therapeutic touch is essential...

Latrisha "Fee-Fee" Redmon became a licensed massage therapist in 2017. Her passion to help aid people in their health and wellness goals, moved her to open up her own massage practice. Fee-nomenal Therapeutic Massage, was birthed during the 2020 pandemic. F.T.M. continues to thrive in helping people maintain their self-care desires through a holistic approach of massage therapy and other services.

Whether you desire a relaxing, a deeply indulgent massage, work on long-term injuries or trauma; she is more than able to walk out the journey to healing of your mind, soul and most importantly, body, with you.

Latrisha believes that touch is a powerful tool given to us. She feels that if someone touches you with care, love and sincere concern; that that touch can penetrate the heart, soul and body of any person. Touch, it's powerful and pleasant and should be handled with the utmost care and responsibility. At Fee-nomenal Therapeutic Massage, you will always be touched ethically and respectfully. 

Come get on my table, you will be glad you did!


Fee-nomenal Therapeutic Massage

"A Fee-nomenal Experience"


Latrisha is one of the best therapist I have experienced, she was extremely professional, the atmosphere was relaxing and calm. Latrisha's techniques proves her attention to detail and her extraordinary skillset to work out problem areas to relieve pain. I give this services 10 stars!!!! 

Erica A.

From a very meticulous OCD person 🥴: Well, I just left with a renewed mind 💆🏽‍♀️, dead legs, dead feet, dead arms and the softest back on the planet!! 🙌🏽 It’s one thing to be an entrepreneur but it’s another to be gifted at what you do. Combine those two things with being very professional, providing an amazing ambiance, and the attention to detail and you get Latrisha Redmon!! This was definitely a Fee-nominal Experience!! I will return...🤗 


Amazing. Fee is very knowledgeable about massage therapy. She always gives excellent and needed follow-up recommendations after your service.

A. Burt

Please get one of her massages ASAP!!! I can breathe better. I'm way more relaxed. My anxiety is gone. Fear is gone. I could actually feel the tension being pushed out of my body. I scheduled my new appt the same day my massage was done. It felt like 2 people were doing the massage at once time. Look no further!! Thank god I found a masseuse who put her whole self into her work. 

D. Irby

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