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The Actress and Writer


Latrisha Redmon is also an aspiring actress. She's played the lead role in both the stage plays, Crowns and A Song For Coretta. One of her biggest goals and dreams is to one day share the big screen with her acting icon, Mrs. Viola Davis. With her determination, I'm sure she will manifest that dream.

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Latrisha is a talented writer. She writes not only songs from her heart but also moving monologues or spoken word pieces. Below you will hear some pieces she's written, along with the visual presentation to accompany. 

This service is available to you, to have done for someone special in your life.

Daddy's Girls

Fee-nomenal Music hosted, Daddy's Girls, an event for Father's Day, honoring the lives of some amazing father's who has passed away. 

Latrisha gathered detailed information from every daddy's girl who was a part of the event, and wrote special messages to them, from their fathers.

Cameron White was chosen to record the monologues, and he didn't disappoint. 

The ladies cried and couldn't stop talking about how special of a presentation it was.

My Sister's Bridal Shower

Weddings are special and most ladies dream of their father walking them down the aisle. Unfortunately, our father, the late and great, Bishop John David Redmon, passed away last year (2021). 

My niece asked me to write a special piece for my sister, from my father to present at her bridal shower. It was a task I was happy to take on.

With the help of Cameron White, recording the voice over, my sister was moved to tears.

Though he wasn't physically here to give her away, our mother and the rest of my family stood in the gap for our amazing dad. We felt his spirit there with us.

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